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An Early Smoke & Fire Detection System To Protect Your Home And Business.



Losses of life, properties, environmental hazards and injuries have dramatically increased in the last few decades despite the great technological advances in fire alarms and smoke detectors. The insufficient methods of most fire detection systems in achieving the early stage detection of smoke and fire have become one of the critical reasons why structural fires caused so much damage to persons and properties.

Verifire is composed of algorithms that are video-based that allows the IP Cameras and NVR to be integrated to deliver a perfect all in one smoke and flame detection solution. Verifire can cover wide open spaces and high ceilings that require the capability of getting an instant visual confirmation.


  • Verifire is a Quick & Proven Earliest Fire Detection System.
  • Verifire utilizes security cameras to perform analysis on the videos thus it can detect both flame and smoke.
  • Verifire pinpoints the exact location without requiring personal visual verification.
  • Verifire can deliver an instant replay or the live video of the presence of flame and smoke which literally works like human eyes for instant verification.
  • Verifire NVR is able to add Onvif certified cameras without any issues.
  • Verifire produces the most minimal false alarms than other brands.

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