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Aircraft maintenance docks are built in a very wide area and with high ceilings extending over 30 meters. In a normal day up to 8 or 10 airplanes can be accommodated, maintained and fixed. Fire is one unfavorable event that can happen in this setting due to combustible materials and fuel inside and outside the dock. Most fire detectors require smoke to migrate and reach the sensors before detection, and with a very wide open space it can take minutes before smoke can get sensed by the sensors, and by then the situation may be getting totally out of control.

Verifire offers an intelligent video based flame solution with IP cameras built with the camera built in DSP chip and an NVR for recording. It is made up of video-based algorithms that detects any moving object captured by the camera and analyzes it for brightness, color, pattern, movement, flickering, shape, pixels and more before alarm actuation. It offers the earliest flame detection time in 10-15 seconds unbeaten by other name brands, and verifies like human eyes. Verifire provides the quickest detection time for the earliest alert and response. Necessary action to deter fire from spreading in such an expansive location can be done in less than a minute.

Verifire solution establishes a potential flame and smoke from where it originates. It doesn’t depend for smoke reaching the sensors. It has a wide line of sight monitoring all points in the dock and enabling viewing for large objects such as the airplanes and every angle in the area. Our solution can be easily connected to any fire control panel model. Airplanes are very costly and losing even one of them due to fire can make a big impact on your business revenue. Having a reliable working flame detection solution is essential.

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