Most auto repair shops keep dogs to watch or monitor their shops for theft and intrusion; however insurance companies most likely exclude dog liability coverage. Also in the event of fire and smoke dogs cannot notify or call you as well. They cannot help and most likely they will run away if they are smart.

In many states, when you keep a dog to monitor your business, for any injury regardless whether the dog is provoked or otherwise, the owner will become automatically liable. Some states do not make the owner liable on the first bite but if it bites one more time the owner will be liable. When dogs that guard a business cause property damage to neighbors or employees, owners can become liable too. They are only not liable when someone is trespassing.

PowerCCTV offers the most efficient solution available in the market today – Verifire. It is an IP camera that has a built in DSP chip made up of video-base d algorithms that can detect any moving object captured by the camera. It can serve as a surveillance camera and at the same time it analyzes all captured stream of images for presence of smoke and fire.

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It analyzes the brightness, pattern, color, direction, flickering frequency and shape before setting off the alarm. It provides the earliest flame and smoke detection solution in less than 15 seconds which remains unbeaten by any other brand. It acts like human eyes to monitor your business premises and at the same time acts as a safety precaution in case of fire occurrence. Verifire provides the fastest detection rate that can mean the earliest response and action to deter fire from becoming a catastrophe and spreading in your garage.

Verifire can notify you via text, email and even phone call and the camera’s motion detection feature will work even during after office hours to monitor the shop for you in case of fire and intrusion. Verifire does away with the drawbacks of most conventional fire detectors such as waiting time for the smoke to reach the sensors. It can establish a potential smoke and flame from where it exactly started thus remote verification is highly possible.

Verifire solution establishes a potential flame and smoke from where it originates. It doesn’t depend for smoke reaching the sensors. It offers the widest line of sight monitoring every point in your garage and enabling view of each angle within the area. Verifire can be seamlessly connected to any brand of fire control panel.

It is highly recommended you do not depend on a guard dog for your auto repair shop or any business surveillance. The liability that can be incurred when they bite or injure someone will be very expensive. Install Verifire for a reliable turnkey business security and fire safety monitoring solution.

To see how quickly Verifire can detect fire within seconds, please watch the below video.

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