Video Fire Detection System (VFDS) began as a large scale research program starting in 2000 with the development budget provided by the government on the request of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI is a non-profit research and development organization owned by the Taiwan government. They are engaged in technical services and applied research with the goal of creating a brighter future for everyone through innovation. It was established in 1973 since then ITRI provided dedication to help industries remain sustainable and widely competitive.

ITRI has international partners and offices in Tokyo, Silicon Valley, Moscow, Eindhoven and Berlin. It remains competitive in the global scale with efforts for innovations in the field of technology having been received and prestigiously honored with the R&D 100 Awards and Wall Street Journal’s Technology Innovation Awards

With the primary objective of the research project to detect flame and smoke via a video camera, ITRI recruited and selected GKB as the project’s commercial exclusive partner in 2007. Since then, GKB worked closely with ITRI to develop and enhance the VFDS solution and implement the VFDS camera in many commercial applications, and with customer feedback GKB has continuously enhanced the solution.

In 2014, GKB obtained the global exclusive license of the research results. The initial research and development of the VFDS were based on the analog camera while all flame and smoke detection algorithms are calculated by transmitting the video data to a computer that serves as the calculation engine.

After the hardware and software technologies were transferred to GKB, the fire detection system was further enhanced, and after several years of research, GKB succeeded in developing the second generation early-stage video fire detection system based on the IP cam technology which is Verifire.

 Verifire utilizes the ONVIF IP camera framework. It can detect fire at the earliest stage with the latest electronic fire detection technology. It can send out alarms to phones and fire control panels.

Verifire’s most important improvement is that the fire detection algorithm is done on the camera chip set, thus eliminating the need for deploying a separate computer for algorithm calculation.

Aside from the time and government budget spent by ITRI, GKB continued to invest over 8 years of research and over millions of dollars. They also created a research team, and after several failures, they succeeded in developing VFDS/Verifire with the belief that life is precious and priceless, GKB proudly released the industry leading solution.

The latest VFDS/Verifire solution with significant early fire detection and minimal false alarm rate has become the outstanding fire detection solution that can provide the future next generation fire detection systems to make establishments, airports and facilities a safer place.

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