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In several countries all over the world, there are hundreds of chemical storing facilities and the potential fire risk is indeed very high. Storing highly flammable and combustible hazardous chemicals with low temperatures for ignition is usually the start of the danger including rising combustible gases that can ignite quickly. Other factors that can contribute into fire ignition are soot and smokes contaminating other stored goods, chemical residues that are not properly disposed of that may cause extreme reaction and toxicity, restricted passage ways for fire fighters and chemical leaks. These are just some of the risks of fire explosions in chemical factories and chemical storage plants.

The reactors in these factories are also operated at very high pressures and temperatures the end products are very flammable which causes substantial fire explosions. Key personnel and managers usually have to hire additional manpower just to monitor the high risk areas constantly. Most chemical factories install conventional smoke detectors or air aspirating detectors however they first need to draw air samples before detecting the presence of flame or smoke which may take quite a while. Other smoke detectors require the sensors to sense the smoke which may take time to reach them before activation of the alarms which can also be slow. It can also be quite expensive to install several smoke detectors in such an expansive facility. The environmental damage caused by chemical factory fires can also be disastrous to plants, animals and human life and the penalties that can be incurred can be quite high.

The early detection of flame and smoke is highly crucial in any chemical storing plant. The fire can damage the entire facility quickly since the contents are highly combustible and flammable. It poses risks to the lives of the workers inside. Chemical storage plant fires may destroy the entire property and the business may never be able to recover aside from these there will be liability claims incurred.

Verifire is the early detection video based surveillance flame and smoke solution. It is an IP camera made with IVS or intelligent video surveillance technology. It mimics the human eyes with computer artificial intelligence since it has a built in DSP chip or digital signal processing which contains the algorithms that processes and analyzes the captured stream of images at the moment of seeing or detecting any smoke like object or moving object in 20 seconds or less. With 21 Worldwide patents produced over many years of research and testings which help Verifire detect flame and smoke quickly and reliably.Those patents have helped in making Verifire detect flame and smoke quickly and reduce the false alarm rate in a major way. Majority of the portions of the patents provides Verifire the intelligence to identify flame and smoke.

Key Advantage.

A major advantage with the Verifire system is that you can immediately check the live video to know the fire situation and respond accordingly or do the necessary action. Users can set up the event recording to allow playback from the beginning of the video of the fire event. A typical fire alarm system can be synced to the Verifire via the DI/DO connecting to any fire control panel make. When the predetermined characteristics of flame or smoke are confirmed the NVR will send the alert to the key managers or personnel. They will see it as push notifications on their mobile application and in their email as well.

Key Benefits:

  1. Remote control management
  2. Accurate early stage detection of fire and smoke
  3. Confirm or verify smoke or fire quickly and instantly
  4. Expandability through cameras that are ONVIF compliant or certified
  5. Capability to be connected to any fire control panel brand easily

To check for yourself how quick Verifire can detect fire in a matter of seconds, please watch the below video

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