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The top four things to consider when heating an entire warehouse or factory are:

Warehouses and other industrial businesses like factories require heating to produce the products. The factories contain machineries, stocks that would require some form of heating. Each having their own type of heating load, and dictating the equipment to be used.

Power is also another essential tool for a factory to be operational. There should be sufficient amount of power for providing the exact amount of heating needed.

The entire factory or warehouse would require a lot of heat or energy which can add up to a huge amount of cost. Due to this requirement, gas rooms are typically installed or set up. However with the increasing alarming concerns with the poor ventilations of most gas rooms most plant or facility managers are striving to find better and safer means to make use of gas rooms

Basically there are 3 main choices for heating up a factory:

  1. Gas Boiler – These boilers are big ones ranging from containing 300 kilowatts to 1500 kilowatts including the handlers for air. These boilers usually give enough heating for most factories. Most of them are installed externally to eliminate the concerns for air flow and are connected by the gas outlet or LPG cylinder.
  2. Air Conditioner Units – The air conditioning units offer up to two hundred kilowatts of heating, even blowing enormously at more than 6000 liters per second. Similarly to the boilers, they are usually placed outside for good ventilation. The warm air coming out is usually absorbed by a ducting tower.
  1. Blower heaters – This are usually run electrically. By far it is the most cost efficient providing more than twenty one kilowatts of heating and blowing at more than 3000 liters per second. Most plants or factories favor this type of heating source.

There are always risks when gas or any kind of heating is used in any kind of industry. When the gas do not burn in a proper way or is being utilized in a specific area that does not have the right amount of ventilation then excessive carbon monoxide are produced which at most times are free of any kind of smell regardless of any kind of gas.

This is dangerous to the personnel inside the factories or warehouses because when they inhale it their bodies become starved of oxygen and leads to poisoning.

At most times,  no one is constantly monitoring gas rooms, most people feel since they are placed or installed outside nothing will most likely happen, however there have been cases wherein gas rooms are the source of catastrophic fires and injuries, to avoid this PowerCCTV offers Verifire – the all in one almost human eye solution. It detects fire within twenty seconds and sometimes even lesser, the fastest detection rate in the market. It can monitor by capturing each scene via the IP cam that also processes fire and smoke characteristics in its own DSP chip, and it then undergoes thorough testings and verification’s before setting the alarm and alerting the key people. It has the lowest rate for false alarms unbeatable by any brand most end users tried.

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