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Preservation of valuable and priceless historical items and other contents usually found in museums and cultural sites is very important. It is necessary to keep these respected items intact for cultural and historical value and for future generations to see and learn from them. However unfortunate incidents like fire can happen even in these sites. Most fires in historical and cultural areas are due to electrical malfunction, flammable materials inside the premises and even lightning strikes. More important to preserving the contents inside these places is safeguarding the lives of the visitors and employees in it.

Fires that happen in most of these sites can spread out pretty quick due to the air conditions and due to the materials that make up its contents. Detection of fire in museums and cultural places using conventional fire detectors can be slow due to high ceilings and walls, smoke cannot reach the sensors in a much quicker time.

We offer Verifire – the most reliable and earliest flame and smoke detection solution with fire detection time at 10-15 seconds. It is an ONVIF IP camera with built in DSP chip inside that eliminates the passing of the data to the server for processing algorithms.

Verifire uses algorithms that enable it to detect changes in the scenes or backgrounds and sense any moving entity. Like human eyes, it takes a stream of footages and captures a moving entity or objects and run a series of analyses to confirm whether an actual smoke or flame is present. It analyzes the pattern, color, frequency of flickers, shape, direction, chrominance variation among others before starting the alarm. It produces the most minimal false alarm rate in the industry of flame detection systems. It is certified trustworthy and can be installed in indoor and outdoor settings.

Integrating Verifire to any fire control panel is simple and fast. Any third party software can also be integrated to Verifire because of its ONVIF meta data protocol. Verifire doesn’t have the downsides that most conventional fire detectors carry like expensive installation, poor and slow fire detection time. Verifire is the best solution to have a complete and affordable early phase smoke and flame detection system.

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