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Hospital boilers are necessary for providing heat to the entire facility, sterilization, for having hot water and to humidify the place. Fire occurrence is one risk when you have a boiler installed in your business. Most fires in hospital boilers are due to electrical malfunction or the boiler itself did not work properly which can be due to corrosion or some parts not being able to handle the pressure.

When a fire happens in a hospital, hundreds of people are affected especially patients and workers who need to evacuate. Properties such as medical equipment and tools will also be lost. It is important therefore to install a fire detection system that detects fire at the earliest onset of it so immediate emergency response can be done and stop it from becoming a full blown disaster.

PowerCCTV offers Verifire which features an Intelligent Video Surveillance Technology (IVS) IP Camera that acts as the brain which detects, identify and reacts immediately in the presence of fire and smoke in a short period of time. It consists of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that is integrated into the camera which processes fire and smoke algorithms from the live video image. Using the algorithms, it will analyze and detect the flame and smoke through color, shape, pattern and pixilation and moving objects. From this process when fire and smoke is confirmed it sends out triggers and alerts. These alarms are in the form of email alerts or push notifications from the mobile app.

Verifire uses an IP technology which can connect through the network and can transfer the data to the server and fire control panel. It is also an ONVIF certified device which can easily integrate the camera with any third party ONVIF certified camera because of its meta data protocol. Verifire can also be integrated to any fire control panel easily due to its DI/DO connections.

Verifire is VFDS’s predecessor. It is an early fire warning system that can detect fire and smoke within 5 to 20 seconds which is faster than VFDS. Verifire can send pictures and short playback videos to your email and push notifications in your mobile application via the NVR server.

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