1. Power on camera by using 12 V 2A power adaptor or use PoE.
  2. Connect camera to the network by using RJ45 network cable.
  3. Please use Internet Explore only, not Chrome or Edge.

Setup procedure:

    1. Power on camera:
      1. Connect the Power Adaptor to the Verifire Camera. Power Adaptor should have a power rating of 12VDC and at least 1.5 A. Then connect the Verifire to a Computer using a Cat 5e cable.

        Verifire Connection

      2. Or use PoE switch, PoE switch provide power via Ethernet cable.


  1. On the computer set the IP address to static IP and make sure to assign an IP address that is similar to the format of the Verifire camera. Default IP address is IP address assigned to the computer is about the range of 192.168.0.x to

    Verifire IP Configuration

  2. Once the network settings are configured. Open Internet Explorer and type in the default address of the camera which is
  3. You will be asked of login details please type in admin on the username and admin for the password.

    Verifire Login

  4. Once you are logged in you can already see the options for Verifire.

    Verifire Options

  5. There are times that you cannot view the Display view. In this case you need to download and install VLC player from this website After installation login to Verifire page again and access Display again to view the Verifire Camera.