How to change Time/Date/Username/Password and Restoring to default

1- Open Internet Explorer and type in the default address of the camera which is 168.0.212.

2- You will be asked for login details- please type in admin on the username and admin for the password.


Window Security Image

Accessing Time and Date Settings

3- In order to access time and date setting you need to click on System on the upper right part of the screen and then on the left part of the screen click system too. Once clicked you will see option for Time zones, NTP Server and Update intervals. Time can be changed one you clicked on the dropdown option where you can see different time zones. Please select the time zone of the location you are in. You can also change the time by clicking on Change Date and Time It will show 2 options Computer time and Assigned Value. Normally computer time is selected. Once you are done click on save.

GKB Settings Image

Changing the Username and Password

4- In the same window you can see the Change Password option wherein you can see New Username textbox, New Password and Confirm Password. The default username is admin and password is admin too however in order for your system to be secure you need to change it to your desired username and password. If you only want to change the password of the default username just key in admin on the New Username box and then key in the new password.

changing Password Image

Restoring to Default Settings

5- In the same window you can see the below Systems wherein there are 2 options Restart and Factory Default. Restart will restart the camera and Factory Default is to restore to its default settings.

Restore setting Image