Jewelry shops or stores typically have an inventory that costs millions of dollars which usually requires a special kind of security as well as systems in place for their insurance. Over the years there has been an increasing incident of jewelry shop robbery such as the kind where robbers smash the display cases and take anything they can and then run.

Robbery is not the only thing that can bankrupt any jewelry shop owner another dangerous event that can happen is fire. Within minutes a fire can ravage your entire shop along with the high valued stocks you have. Most owners use fire extinguishers and smoke sensors as fire safety precaution but these have been proven insufficient in warning you against a potential fire and smoke at the beginning stage. You will not be able to stop a fire from spreading if you had responded to it much later when it has fully grown.

Verifire is a surveillance camera as well as an early stage fire detection solution. It can be used to monitor your display case, people who enter and exit your shop as well as to watch what employees are doing or how they interact with your customers. It is an IP camera that has a built in DSP chip or digital signal processing chip which has algorithms that can analyze each image captured for bright entities or objects that can look like fire or smoke. These algorithms study the pattern, shape, direction, movement, color as well as the number of times and ratio it flickers to offer accurate analyses and to avoid producing false alarms. In the market today Verifire has the lowest rate of false alarms produced. This is because of the worldwide patented algorithms built in the DSP.

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Key personnel in the jewelry store as well as the owners would be sent notifications via a phone call, email and texts. When nobody is monitoring the place during off hours, Verifire can be used to protect against intrusions and theft via the cameras’ motion detection. One of the major benefits of Verifire is the ability for remote control management, you don’t need to be on the shop’s location to monitor your business and you would be able to confirm if there is smoke or fire without needing to see it personally.  You can manage via your computers, smartphones and tablets.

Verifire has a very broad line of sight and any angle in your business premises can be monitored, and unlike other conventional fire detectors it doesn’t wait for smoke to reach any type of sensor. It works fast in just 15 seconds or less alarm can set off allowing you to respond appropriately and avert the danger. It can be connected to any type of fire control panel with ease.

To see how quickly Verifire can detect fire within seconds, please watch the below video.

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