Choosing the right lens in catching Fire and Smoke

There are 2 types of cameras used in Verifire one is the bullet camera and the other one is a box camera. The difference between the 2 is that the bullet has a fixed or irreplaceable lens while the box camera has a detachable lens. This makes the Verifire Box camera special because it can be used in greater distance in catching or monitoring fire and smoke.


The Verifire indoor box camera can switch lens easily by unscrewing lens which has a CS-mount standard thread from the front part of the unit. You can decide which lens to use on your initial purchase. Initially the Verifire box camera kit comes with a non-IRIS ½.5” 3 Mega 3.3 – 10.5 mm F1.4 CS mount (model # TV033105M.IR).

Lenses available for the camera has 2 types:

  1.  AUTO IRIS – it automatically adjusts the F value or aperture of the lens making the image more visible and brighter. The price is more expensive than the non-iris model.
  2.  NON – IRIS – it has a fixed F value or aperture. This is typically used for areas with consistent lighting or brightness.

Focusing on these, the lenses are not an issue since the Verifire lenses are wide angled and have very good focus. However you need to focus it on the area where the fire or smoke might occur.

Below is a list of lens models and specifications

Model No Focal Length(mm) Focal Ratio Aperture Connector Image Circle Diameter (inch) Pixels
                                                                                                          Zoom Lens
TT02812D.IR-SD (2MP) 2.8-12mm F1.4 DC-Iris CS 1/2.7" 2MP
NV03105D.IR-B-S 3-10.5mm F1.4 DC-Iris CS 1/2.7" 3MP
NV0722D.IR-B-S 7-22mm F1.4 DC-Iris CS 1/2.7" 3MP
NV0560D.IR(MP) 5-60mm F1.6 DC-Iris CS 1/2.7" 1.3MP
NV05100D.IR(MP) 5-100mm F1.6 DC-Iris CS 1/2.7" 1.3MP
                                                                                                          Fixed Lens
NSO2812F.IR 2.8mm F1.2 Fixed Iris CS 1/2.7" 3MP
NSO3612F.IR 3.6mm F1.2 Fixed Iris CS 1/2.7" 3MP
NSO612F.IR 6mm F1.2 Fixed Iris CS 1/2.7" 3MP
TS0816F.IR-S 8mm F1.6 Fixed Iris CS 1/2.5" 3MP
TS1216F.IR-S 12mm F1.6 Fixed Iris CS 1/2.5" 3MP

Here are sample shots from the lenses:

4.0mm 1/2.3″ Fixed Lens


3.3-10.5mm 1:1.4 1/2.5″ Variable Lens


5.0-100mm F1.6 Vairiable Lens


5.0-100mm F1.6 Vairiable Lens Zoomed to Maximum


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