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Oil processing sites are highly susceptible to fires that can incur huge damage and affect business revenue in terms of materials and property loss, and extremely endanger people’s lives; containing these fires is exceptionally difficult as they can easily spread out being highly flammable.

PowerCCTV offers Verifire – the earliest stage video based fire detection solution which detects smoke and flame in just 10-15 seconds. Verifire offers intelligent video surveillance technology and uses algorithms to detect smoke and flame at the earliest phase. High ceilings and wide open areas indoor or outdoor can be covered by Verifire. It provides a guaranteed method to alert key personnel to take immediate action even in remote areas. Dispatching people to a remote location for visual verification can be a second option especially if the area poses danger.

Most flame detectors usually require physical migration of smoke for them to be detected while Verifire acts as human eyes to detect changes in the environment and instantly capture any moving object to analyze for chrominance, pixels, color, shape variation, edge blur, number of flickers and direction. Verifire solves the major disadvantage in flame detectors by eliminating the waiting time required by sensors for smoke identification.

Verifire is patented worldwide and in the process of FM & UL certifications. It comes with an NVR for the recording purpose. The 2nd generation video based flame detection system; Verifire has significant improvements from its predecessor and now produces the lowest false alarm rate in the market.

Remote viewing can be done with Verifire either for confirming events or configuring camera settings. For fire and smoke event reporting, push notifications are generated via the mobile app from any Internet enabled device as well as email notifications. Connecting to any fire control panel is seamless with a direct DI/DO input and output connection. Verifire can be placed in the most important areas established to be given focus.

Key Benefits: