Restaurants rated hot or popular cater to a huge crowd of eaters or diners every day. That’s not the only thing that is hot about restaurants. The cooking equipment and tools restaurants have are also hot at most times that they become high risk for fire occurrence in the building. There are many ways to put out fire when it happens such as the traditional use of smoke sensors and fire extinguishers but in most cases even when these things are present, fire still happens and destroy the property. In unfortunate situations it can kill civilians as well.

In the United States thirty percent of fires that happen in businesses or commercial establishments happen in restaurants and with this statistics, many restaurant owners run and get more equipment to protect their business from fire. However the traditional ways of mitigating fire has proven to be unsuccessful due to poor or slow detection time. The response to try and stop the fire usually comes in at the very late stage. So what is the optimal solution to avoid risking the lost of money, profit and more importantly the lives of guests and workers in such an emergency?

PowerCCTV has the best solution to stop fire at its earliest stage – Verifire. With Verifire the smoke and fire detection comes in the earliest stage in just 15 seconds or less, when it is just beginning.

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It is an IP camera that works both as a surveillance camera and as a fire detection solution. With a stream of videos captured by the camera, each image is being analyzed for bright objects which get analyzed furthermore for flickering frequency, shape, direction, pattern and number of pixels. The built in DSP chip inside the camera has all these algorithms that make these analyses for accurate results which have been tested and proven thus producing the lowest false alarm rate in the industry.

Restaurant managers or owners can be notified by Verifire via text, email and even a phone call and at off hours when no one is around to monitor the premises  any intrusion will be detected by the camera’s motion detection feature. Remote verification and management is one of the best advantages of Verifire – you don’t have to be on site to monitor your business nor do you have to see it for yourself to confirm the presence of smoke and fire. It can be seen via your smart phones, laptops and tablets. It’s an all in one fire detection solution thus you can make Verifire act like your eyes.

Verifire can monitor your business at any point or angle since it can pretty much cover anything that the camera can capture even in the farthest distance. It does not depend on smoke migration towards the sensors before the emergency alarm can set off. It can be easily and quickly connected to any fire control panel which saves you much effort and time.

With Verifire in your business property, all you have to worry is how to be a top rated restaurant with your impressive menu, with worries about theft, intrusion and danger of fire in your kitchen out of your mind.

Watch the below video to see how quickly the Verifire camera can detect fire within 15 seconds or less.

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