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Auto Repair Shop Application

Most auto repair shops keep dogs to watch or monitor their shops for theft and intrusion; however insurance companies most likely exclude dog liability coverage. Also in the event of fire and smoke dogs cannot notify or call you as well. They cannot help and most likely they will run away if they are smart. READ MORE

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Jewelry Shop Application

Jewelry shops or stores typically have an inventory that costs millions of dollars which usually requires a special kind of security as well as systems in place for their insurance. Over the years there has been an increasing incident of jewelry shop robbery such as the kind where robbers smash the display cases and take anything they can and then run. READ MORE

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Storage Room Application

Storing highly flammable and combustible liquids in any building can greatly increase the threat of fire from happening. If a combustible liquid slips out of the container, it can cause a fire immediately when ignited and it can spread even more rapidly than any other causes of fire because of the high level of heat it releases. READ MORE

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Restaurants Application

Restaurants rated hot or popular cater to a huge crowd of eaters or diners every day. That’s not the only thing that is hot about restaurants. The cooking equipment and tools restaurants have are also hot at most times that they become high risk for fire occurrence in the building.READ MORE