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The modern gunpowder people use today for their ammunition’s is called the smokeless powder. It is a nitrocellulose based mixture that can be based on a single or double mixture. These are very flammable and may def-lag rate quickly even in normal situations.

Typically in north western countries, persons can store smokeless powder weighing up to five kilos of mass gross weight, and can only be kept if staying in an attached house and if the storage container is more than one kilo.

People are also allowed to store 20 kilos in mass gross weight for usage in attached dwellings if they are kept in a container weighing less or equal to the mass of one kilo.

How to Store Smokeless Powders:

First and foremost smokeless powder should be kept farthest away from any substance that can ignite or start heat or fire friction. Those who are not authorized uses should not be granted access to any of these powders even the cartouche.

Getting the Right Storing Container:

  1. When any gunpowder or smokeless powder are kept in a storage room or unit, the room should be a very dry area away from any substance or material that are can ignite fire.
  2. The storage room should be made in a such a way that regular maintenance is done and prevention of unauthorized entry should be done as well as protection from elements of the weather.
  3. When smokeless powder is stored in a certain container, users should ensure it does not stop exit in the event of fire happening.
  4. If it is not kept in any container, exits should still not be obstructed in any way.
  5. Any unit where such propellants are being kept should not be made out of any materials that tend to spark such us metals that have been painted or any wooden kind.
  6. The caps, gunpowder, black powder or smaller ammunition cartridges must be kept in a way that you separate them from each other like shelving them or putting a barrier from each of them and make sure those barriers are non flammable.
  7. When left to its own or open, the units they are kept should be given constant look out or attention.
  8. The storage rooms must be free from any dirt or dust and kept in an organized manner and left very dry.
  9. There should be a signage to each container or the room itself indicating entering it is dangerous or hazardous in big bold letters and a warning that states smoking is banned. It must be very visible for everyone to see.

The usual start of fire for any ammunition powder storage facility or room is leakage, spillage or any form of contamination. That’s why proper housekeeping necessary steps for prevention or precaution, and facility maintenance should be done regularly.

Although proper housekeeping normally makes the Smokeless Ammunition Powder Storage safe from fire it is still better to have preventive fire and smoke safety control in place that can easily integrate with any fire control panel of the site. Verifire makes this easy integration and also detects fire at its early stages. Verifire Solution can detect fire and smoke in as fast as 20 seconds not only preventing a huge fire but also warning personnel to evacuate early on before anything disaster happens. Live videos of the scenes where fire or smoke was detected can be viewed from any mobile device. Recording or any events are also recorded within the camera since it has a SD card built in to the Verifire camera.

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