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A Southeast Asian power plant facility owned by the state under the Energy department has taken the services of our main branch to install a video based flame and smoke detection solution to detect flame and smoke at the quickest time possible which can be anywhere from 15-30 seconds or less.

The said power plant facility is responsible for generating electric power for the entire nation as well as providing sales of energy in terms of bulk sales. It is the biggest producer of power in that country and it operates several power or electrical plants of varying sizes and kinds which are established in different 40 locations with a total capacity of more than 15 Megawatts.

The facilities for generation of power in that country is composed of three thermal plants, six cycle plants combined, twenty two hydro powered plants, eight renewable energy plants and one diesel plant.

The power plant company is also responsible for operating high voltage power transmission networks covering the entire country. It is majorly responsible for buying the bulk electricity from power producers privately owned and other countries surrounding it, and then it sells it as a wholesale to other distributors and a small amount of industries as well.

The Southeast Asian power plant needed a reliable fire alarm system to be able to give protection for the equipment inside the plant. The solution PowerCCTV provided adapted the VID technology to eliminate the limitation of most conventional fire alarms which is a typical problem for a business having a wide open space surrounding. The Verifire solution met the customer’s needs. It provided an integrated solution which comprises of a video surveillance systems that is able to indicate whether it is a smoke or flame in its incipient stage.

It has one main advantage which is offering a function unique in the industry and that is saving the end users from the costs incurred of trying to reconfirm whether there is an existing flame or smoke and get an accurate result on the real current condition just by checking it in the camera. It is a turnkey economical solution for verifying and confirming presence of smoke and flame.

PowerCCTV also provided a highly innovative smoke and flame detection solution that can be installed easily and maintained with very minimal cost. It ultimately provided a better performing fire preventive solution that performs well even in a highly enclosed space that most conventional smoke and fire systems cannot provide.