Storing highly flammable and combustible liquids in any building can greatly increase the threat of fire from happening. If a combustible liquid slips out of the container, it can cause a fire immediately when ignited and it can spread even more rapidly than any other causes of fire because of the high level of heat it releases. In other situations a fire can also start from a different source and in a different location in the building which can also spread quickly, and can reach the storage containers of the flammable liquids. In the end the containers will get burned and the liquids will ignite more, which will make the fire grow bigger, and spread in a rapid way.

To significantly reduce the fire threat or risk in these storage rooms, PowerCCTV offers Verifire. It is an IP surveillance camera with a built in DSP chip inside. The DSP chip contains the algorithms that process the analyses for any object that can look like smoke or fire from the stream of captured images from the shape, direction, movement, number of pixels, color and flickering ratio to give accurate results and avoid giving out false alarms. In today’s industry Verifire produces the most minimal false alarm rate which means at most times it is highly accurate in detecting fire and smoke. It can process all these and detect smoke and flame within 15 seconds or less which saves storage owners ample time to respond accordingly and stop the fire threat from spreading wildly.

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The managers and owners would receive notifications via phone calls, texts and emails. The motion detection feature of the camera can work even during non working hours to protect against intrusion. The camera also has the motion detection feature. With Verifire remote management and remote verification are both possible. You don’t need to be onsite to confirm the existence of smoke and flame, manage and handle everything with your smart phones, tablets or computers.

Verifire can be quickly connected to any kind or brand of fire control panel. It has the capability to cover every angle in your storage room and unlike the typical fire detectors it doesn’t require the physical movement of smoke towards any kind of sensor. It works fast and actuates the alarm when fire and smoke are confirmed permitting quick emergency response.

To see how quickly Verifire can detect fire within seconds, please watch the below video.

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