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Airport Hangar

The largest police organization in Australia installed VFDS to secure and monitor their air hangar from potential hazards that can cause fire such as fuel leaks and mechanical malfunctions.

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Power Plant

The largest thermal power plant in Taiwan applied the VFDS solution to its coal mill processing sites to detect fires at the quickest time possible and acceptable standards of fire protection for coal mills.

petrochemical plant

Petrochemical Plant

A petrochemical plant in Taiwan is exposed in semi-outdoor locations. It is important therefore to have an effective smoke detection solution that can cover wide, open and towering areas to avoid environmental danger and penalty issues by the government.

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EGAT -Thailand’s power utility needed a reliable fire alarm system as protection for its valuable equipment and power plant assets, thus VFDS was installed as the most economically sound solution for flame and smoke detection.

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Petroleum Refinery

A petroleum plant refinery, Formosa Plastics required VFDS, a quick flame and smoke detection solution that can cover a wide open area and a towering space to prevent hazardous fires from occuring in the pipeline areas basing it on the combustion analysis and a design based on performance.