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Tunnels are typically underground passages used as means of easy transport from one place to another. Fire is one risky event that can happen in tunnels and can create a potential catastrophe with the amount of properties that can be lost. Lives of people are also highly endangered in a tunnel fire since it can spread out quickly due to limited space and the air conditions and temperature inside of it. If a tunnel gets damaged as well, it can stop the quick transportation people are used to taking. It may take several months or years before repairs and renovations can be finished.

Most tunnel fires are caused by accidents and technical problems. The ones that happen due to technical problems develop in a slow pace such as a burning car; while a quicker spread of fire is usually due to fuel spillage, and tendency is other nearby cars get affected almost all at the same time.

When fire occurs in tunnels, the operators also feel the financial crunch since they have to compensate and pay damages incurred to the victims affected. They are at risk of also being prosecuted in court especially if the fire caused fatalities or injuries which usually happens.

A reliable and working fire detection system is a highly necessary tool for the protection of the tunnel and people using it. Fire can be averted early on with a dependable fire detection system that can provide the earliest alert to the key people.

PowerCCTV offers Verifire, a video based flame detection technology that uses video image detection to capture images of smoke and flame at night or during the daytime. It is made up of video-based algorithms that allow analyses for smoke and flame based on color, chrominance, number of pixels, flickering frequency, shape and direction before setting off the alarm and confirming the existing flame.

Verifire tests these analyses and compare it against a predetermined or reference flame image and characteristics saved in the database for accurate results. It is also a much improved 2nd generation video based flame detection system based on its predecessor, the VFDS which is certified with FM & EN54 which ensures seamless installation in various indoor and outdoor environments. It makes integration with any fire control panel easy.

Moreover Verifire has a wide line of sight and can cover a very wide area such as tunnels. Verifire can distinguish objects that may look like smoke like exhaust fumes from actual flame and smoke and reject this, and not actuate the alarm. In the industry today, Verifire has the earliest fire detection time at 15 seconds or less, that can spell out the difference because quick and immediate response is crucial.

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