The video based flame detection system is still a relatively new technology so it’s not surprising that there are a few patented video based flame detection brands out in the market today and PowerCCTV’s Verifire is one of them. The brands are from the countries: USA, UK and Taiwan. All brands are FM certified, with others having ULCCC certification while the Verifire is EN54 certified. With a few brands for this technology, you may wonder what can set them apart from each other. Below are some characteristics outlined to show considerations interested users should think of:

  1. Detection System:

All of today’s video based flame detection systems have built in DSP or Digital Signal Processing inside the camera which computes and analyzes the images captured. With the exception of the VFDS from Taiwan which has an analog camera and a server. The analysis and the computation are done by the server.

  1. Video Input:

Verifire similar to one brand from the USA has no limitations when it comes to video input or number of cameras that can be connected. Others from UK and Taiwan’s VFDS have 32 channels and 8 channels respectively.

  1. Detection Distance:

Verifire and VFDS from Taiwan measure the distance it can detect flame and smoke by the number of pixels, 15 x 15 pixels for the flame and 30 x 30 pixels for the smoke. It is very detailed oriented so the earliest stage of smoke and flame can be detected without fail. The others from UK have not released their fire detection times while one brand in the USA detects the flame in indoor settings in 1 feet of a distance, fire in a hundred feet and smoke in 100 feet.

  1. Fire and Smoke Detection Time

Verifire can detect fire in 20 seconds or more while its smoke detection time is 15-60 seconds, VFDS from Taiwan can detect fire in 30 seconds or more and smoke in 33-80 seconds. While the fire detection time for the brands from U.K. are 30 seconds or more equally, and lastly one product from the USA in 30 seconds or more and its smoke detection time is 10-240 seconds.

  1. False Alarms Produced

Verifre and VFDS from Taiwan have the highest immunity to false alarms. They generate the lowest number of false alarms among all brands available today, with other brands having medium to high rate of false alarms produced.

Below is the comparative table to show what each brand can do and its features:



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