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A garbage repository or bunker should always be constantly monitored as a good preventative measure with cameras that can detect fire and smoke within seconds so proper emergency responses can be done immediately. Almost one billion of garbage is collected every year in a global scale, which will undergo disposal and recycling processes in different parts of the world with garbage recycling facilities installed with complete systems, Hence, heat is the typical byproduct of having these garbage recycling facilities because of smolders that have been accumulated over time which ultimately causes devastating fires.

An early stage system for detecting smoke and flame using Verifire can detect and eliminate the possibility of this hazard from taking place. Many studies show that proper and environment friendly was of waste disposal and generation has been trending all over the globe.

In the past few years disposal of waste has become more practical, efficient and friendly with resources, to assure the communities they work with that they are put into effect in plants that can incinerate wastes.

The typical process starts with garbage trucks transporting the wastes to the recycling plants and tipping the collection inside the bunkers. The bunkers are commonly set with varying capabilities for storage. Some of them can hold up to four to seven thousand tons of garbage which generally produces a huge amount of heat that leads to smolders being collected then formed into a huge pile.

PowerCCTV offers Verifire the quickest and early stage flame and smoke detection solution which is made with a video based intelligent IP camera solution. It has a DSP chip set inside the camera which contains the necessary algorithms for analyzing different sets of captured images. It analyzes each image for patterns related to smoke and flame, direction, brightness and flickering frequencies before generating the sound for the fire alarm in 15 to 20 seconds and sometimes can even be much less. It generates the most minimum rate of false alarms available in the industry today.

Verifire performs like the eyes of a human resource giving the earliest alert so authorities and the management can prevent the fire from further growing. Verifire doesn’t depend on the migration of the smoke reaching any type of sensor which typical fire alarm gadgets have. It offers a wide coverage of sight allowing the entire area of the facility to be monitored constantly.

It can also be seamlessly connected to any make of fire control panel. The final end goal is monitoring the whole surface of garbage bunkers surface using the Verifire camera for consistent monitoring and detection during the earliest stage.