1. Is NVR a mandatory equipment for Verifire system?

A: No, this is optional and the Verifire camera can function as a standalone device.

2. When should I use NVR?

A: 1. When there is a need for large video recording storage that cannot be accomplished by an external camera SD card with sizes like 16GB up to 128 GB, and in case there are several events (motion/fire/smoke) triggered on the focused area and you want everything to be recorded.

  1. If you will need a DI/DO port from a central place (NVR comes with DI/DO port)
  2. NVR has unique software features such as the Mobile application, NVR built-in DDNS that makes NVR presence online easier without using a fixed public IP.

3. Is there any difference between the Verifire NVR and regular NVR recorder?

A: Depending on the model of the NVR the casing may be the same. The difference is that the Verifire NVR has fire and smoke detection algorithms incorporated to its software.

4. What are the different NVR models?

A: 4, 8 and 16 Channel NVR.

5. How many Hard Drive can I install on NVR?

A: The 4 CH has one hard drive slot, the 8 CH has 2 hard drive slots and 16 CH has 5 hard drive slots.

6. What is the NVR hard drive requirement?

A: We highly recommend using a surveillance grade Storage HDD since surveillance is 24/7 and video quality is important too. Surveillance Storage is built for 24/7 and should be always-on and high-definition surveillance security system. Recommended models are WD WDXXPURX and Seagate SV35 series which are surveillance grade HDD.

7. What is the NVR front panel IR light indicator for?

A: This indication is for remote control

8. Why does the NVR have 2 power adaptors?

A: One power adapter is to provide power to the NVR, the other one is to provide power to the PoE. So if you don’t use the NVR PoE, then there is no need to plug in the PoE power adapter.

9. Do I have to plug in the camera 1 to CH 1, Cam 2 to CH 2 etc.?

A: No, you can plug in any CH then use the software to configure Cam 1, 2, 3, 4.

10. For LAN connection, which NVR LAN port should I connect to?

A: Either one of the PoE ports or the WAN port.

11. There is an ETHERNET port that is sealed by a plug, why?

A: For 4 CH & 8 CH models, Ethernet port has been replaced by WAN port, so we seal this port to prevent user from use.

12. Can I use an external USB keyboard to type?

A: No

13. Where do I change the NVR time zone?

A: Log in to the NVR then go to the Setup menu >> System sub menu >> System Setup, you will see the Time Zone.

14. Where to set & remove the camera name and date/time on the video’s upper left corner?

A: That is called the Watermark, you can set and remove the watermark from the Setup menu >> Pre-Camera Setup submenu.

15. How do I adjust the camera video settings?

A: From the main menu >> Video Adjustment sub menu, you can adjust the camera brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation.

16. How many instances will cause the NVR to beep?

A: There are several places on NVR that trigger the beep. You should look for the word “Buzzer” from the NVR menus. To turn on beep, set Buzzer on, otherwise, turn it off. Under main menu “setup” menu there are 3 menus need to check:

  1. Camera setup: Video loss settings, Motion/mask settings, Fire/Smoke settings
  2. Alarm Setup
  3. HDD Setup: Alarm record & normal record, and advanced HDD setup

17. What is the reason I cannot access the Setup?

A: You have to log in first. If you cannot access Setup, try to log in.

18. Is there a forgot password feature for the NVR?

A: No, however, you can reset NVR to factory default, and there is a back door feature to reset the password.

19. When setting the NVR to Factory Defaults, will the password get reset to aa/11?

A: Yes

20. How to reset the NVR password?

A: Either reset NVR to factory default or contact us to obtain a back door reset program.

21. Can I run the NVR application from a Windows platform?

A: Yes, you can open the NVR application from IE or Firefox browser, just type in NVR IP address as the URL. There are cases that you may need to install a plugin to view the cameras live.

22. How do I find out if my NVR software is outdated and needs to be upgraded?

A: You can find out the current NVR hardware and software version from the Main Menu >> Status sub-menu >> version section: Hardware and Software versions at the bottom of screen. In normal circumstances, there is no need to update the NVR firmware and software. Please contact technical support to determine if you need to perform update.

23. How do I troubleshoot when connecting the camera to the NVR but I cannot see the video?

A: 1. Make sure the power is on. For the NVR make sure that the indicator light is on. For the camera you can test it by covering the whole lens and check if the IR will light up. If IR lights up then the camera is ok.

  1. Make sure the network cable is connected (if you have a LAN tester, test the LAN cable you will use) (so using the PoE is the best practice).
  2. Go to NVR Menu >> Setup >> Pre-Camera Setup, then click the camera 1 2 3 4 settings, then IPCam List click “Discover” to find if the IP address matches the URL, if not double click the list to update the URL (no need to type it in)
  3. Please make sure the camera’s IP and the NVR IP is under the same network segment.

24. Why should I reduce the resolution to 1080p at the Pre-Camera Setup?

A: If you believe your network bandwidth is limited, and it may impact your video transmission, then you may want to lower the resolution to accommodate the internet speed.

25. Where do I check and set NVR IP address?

A: In the Setup menu>>Network sub menu, from here you can check the NVR IP, the static IP is highly recommended to be used and then set the static IP to a fixed IP.

26. Where do I change the Control port, data port, and HTTP port?

A: Setup menu>>Network sub menu>>Advanced Network Setup.

27. How do I find out the NVR HD size?

A: Setup menu>>HDD sub menu>> item Size (GB)

28. How to set a user-friendly URL such as MyCompanyURL instead of using the IP address as the URL for NVR video access?

A: Go to >>Setup Menu>>Network menu, Look for the URL type in the URL you wanted and click on close to register it from fly2dns.net and this will serve as your permanent address to access the NVR you have installed. Verifire server will notify you if the URL has been used.

29. On the NVR, can I set Fire & smoke detection and motion detection all turned ON?

A: No, you can only set either Fire/Smoke or Motion, it cannot be both.

30. How do I copy videos from the NVR to a flash drive?

A: step 1: Main menu>> Backup device menu, plug in the USB flash drive, the status should show as R/W and show used and available size.

Step 2: Search menu, you can search by event to locate the event starting and ending date or time. Then use Search by time to set the starting time and use the Copy menu to set end time and back up video to USB drive.


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