1. Can Verifire camera be installed indoor or outdoor?

A: Yes, we have both indoor and outdoor cameras that are suitable for any business. For Indoor we can use box type camera and for outdoor we can use bullet type camera.

2. Does Verifire camera have built-in SD card slot to save recordings of Fire/Smoke events? What is the max size?

A: Yes, the maximum size for the SD Card used 32GB as of June 13, 2016 firmware version, This may increase on future versions of firmware updates.

3. What is the power source of a Verifire camera?

A: Verifire can be powered using a 12 V with 2 A power adaptor or PoESwitch.

4. Can Verifire be used at night to detect fire and motion?

A: Yes, the bullet type camera has built-in IR. With the box type camera you need to add optional IR (like LED light pointing to the camera’s focus area)?  Next version scheduled to be released in early 2017 which will use Sony chip which can detect smoke at night time without using IR.

5. What is the Verifire product warranty?

A: 2 year hardware warranty

6. How many Box camera lens are available?

(1) default lens ½.5” 3.3mm –10.5mm F1.4;
(2) Fuji Film lens1/3″ 2.9 – 8mm F0.9
(3) special order for customized lens

7. Can Verifire be connected to a conventional fire alarm system? How can it be connected?

A: Yes, it can be connected to the Verifire DI/DO going to the fire control panel by dry contact connection.

8. Is Verifire easy to install? What mounting hardware and installation accessories must be used when installing Verifire?

A: Yes, it’s easy to install and very simple, for indoor, just mount the bracket then connect the box type camera using the camera tripod screw. For the outdoor bullet type, the package includes a mounting bracket.

9. Can Verifire detect flame and smoke and motion at the same time?

A: Yes, just set up all three. Flame and smoke can be set up under Verifire – General Settings and additional setting from the Fire and Smoke Lines. For Motion it can be setup on Media – Motion and Event, red boxes will appear from the grid line which mean these are being monitored.

10. Can Verifire detect Fire Only or Smoke Only, and not both at the same time?

A: Yes, on the web settings we can set up flame only or smoke only detection.

11. How fast can Verifire detect flame or smoke?

A: This is a complex topic; it depends on the size and density of flame and smoke. Lots of factors impact the detection. Installation is also very important, high, angle, against the light, lens focus, area brightness. Lab tests shows Verifire can detect flame in 10 seconds.

12. How big the flame or smoke can Verifire detects?

A: A very interesting topic, as long as the flame is larger than 1/40 * 1/40 of the screen size, Verifire will detect the fire. In short, the flame should be large enough (over 1/40 * 1/40 of the camera screen).
For smoke detection, a larger area than flame is required – 1/20*1/20

13. How to set up Fire, smoke , motion lines?

A: A broad topic please see Verifire setup details
anything under flame line has higher sensitivity
Smoke line is just the opposite, Verifire can still detect the smoke under the line, however, the more smoke that passes through the line the more it will trigger the smoke detection calculation. For best practice, the smoke line should draw the smoke line below the ceiling.


1. Set sensitivity:


2. Draw the lines: (we want to publish a Best Practices showing how to set lines for different applications)


3. Motion setup:


14. Can we connect an external smoke alarm (or other devices) to the Verifire camera to pass the alert from the camera?

A:  It can only be done for the Bullet type camera, we can connect it to the IPCam Alarm Input using  dry contact. For box type camera, there is no such option.

15. Can Verifire store video or image for play back?

A: Verifire can store both video images on camera SD card or use NVR (uses HDD to save).

16. How to determine if there is an SD card in the camera without opening the camera?

A: Access the Verifire web setup program and check the menu System, under the SD Card Storage, click Format to see if “SD card status:” shows OK.

17. Can I change/insert the Verifire camera SD card?

A: For box camera, it is easy to change or insert SD card, just unscrew all screws (except the one under Model bar code label sticker), then remove the lens and plastic cover, then open the metal cover by pressing the top cover to detach it from the bottom cover. Locate the SD card slot then open the case to allow the SD card to be inserted to the slot.
For Bullet camera, since it has a water proof seal, it is difficult to change or insert the SD card, it needs a special tool, it is better to buy with SD card pre-installed.

18. Can I connect a horn speaker to a Verifire camera to sound off siren when camera detects flame or smoke?

A: Yes, connect the siren with DI/DO using dry contact.

19. Do I need to install or use another equipment to complete the system installation?

A: No, just install the Verifire camera and connect to the Internet, not like other systems that may need a mandatory computer to connect to a camera to complete the system.

20. How does Verifire respond to false alarms?

A. There is a tool for positioning the camera on a right angle and a right view to respond to false alarm issues. The tool is software based and it’s within the configuration set up of the camera. It can adjust the fire and smoke sensitivity line. Another adjustment is in the masking set up where we cover areas that can have a high probability of false alarms.

21. What is the detection range - max and minimum?


22. Is there a plan for NFPA or UL certification?

A. For UL yes but we need to wait for the new and updated VFDS product line. Verifire on the other hand only has FCC and CE certifications.

23. How are notifications being sent or given to the user?

A. The notifications are being sent through push notifications on the mobile phone app or Email wherein the subject will have Fire or Smoke as indications of what it has seen on the live view. From the NVR Verifire setting it can also be configured to attach recent events like screenshots of fire/smoke detected

24. Will the videos recorded have the same fire and smoke markings (white and red squares) during playback or will it only show during live video.

A. Yes , it is similar to the live view

25. What fire control panel (brand) is the Verifire camera compatible with and what were already tested?

A. It is compatible with any brand of fire control panel, we just need to know the input and output connection and the voltage ratings of the fire control panel that will be connected to the NVR or camera. If the voltage ratings are the same, there will be no problem connecting it to the fire control panel.

26. Does it detect moving smoke or fire in motion like for a moving smoke?

A. No-it needs a certain time to focus on fire or smoke before it’s fully detected as smoke or fire.

27. Does it have Emaps on the software? Similar to what we have on IVAST?

A. Yes, the Emap can be loaded.

28. Do you have a function comparison document between GKB and competitor's products (Fike, FireVu and DHF)

YES. Please see below table

Image For FAQ page 9

29. Do you have a current active GKB VFDS customer list? What are their feedbacks on the VFDS installed now?

Yes, but the list is confidential

30. Can we add other branded IP cameras to the Verifire system?

A: Yes, as long as the IP cam is an ONVIF compliant camera, however, the non-Verifire camera cannot detect fire.

31. What are the colors of flame and smoke detected by Verifire?

A: Flame: Yellow to red warm color series. Smoke: Black, white and yellow smoke colors.

32. Will smoke from cigarettes trigger Verifire alarm?

A: No, because cigarette smoke is not a growing type of fire or will not develop into fire

33. Will a lighter trigger the Verifire alarm?

A: No, but rapidly shaking the lighter may trigger a false alarm.

34. Will outdoor fog and cloud trigger false alarm by Verifire?

A: Clouds won’t trigger the false alarm. However for fog if its movement is similar to smoke which is going upwards to spread or accumulate, then it may trigger the smoke alarm as a false alarm.

35. Will welding spark trigger Verifire fire alarm?

A: No, welding spark does not match the characteristics of a flame (flickering, growing and the shape) so it won’t trigger the alarm.

36. Is the Verifire camera waterproof and what is the waterproof rating

A: Only the bullet camera is waterproof and IP68 is the rating.

37. What is the waterproof rating of the Verifire camera?

A: IP68


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