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Many of the baby boomers are now becoming the seniors in the country and each day hundreds of them if not thousands turn sixty five and these people will make up more than sixteen percent of the population by the year 2020. There is a growing rise in building elder care or senior care homes everywhere and it is not only happening in the US but also in other countries.

The average expectancy of life for most people is also at 77 years, there is a growing need for senior care facilities with adequate space and features to provide them the best of care as well as self-care. Fire is one major event that can destroy most elder care facilities or homes as well as injure the aging people living in them and worst can even turn fatal. Many of the residents in senior care facilities have disabilities and have a hard time walking or running which can be quite difficult when evacuation has to be done.

Most of the senior residents in such facilities also require a certain degree of assistance and the big question is will these individuals have the capability to save themselves if not one another. If the fire authorities are called for intervention just how much resources should be present, in most cases of fire incidents in senior homes it becomes a mission for rescuing the elders. The standard tactics or standard emergency protocols may not be suitable for senior home residents as they are usually not capable of evacuation let alone recognizing that there is an ongoing threat.

The code for life safety when constructing senior care homes should be considered and implemented so that safety will be a priority for operating such facilities even during the design stage. The regular inspection of fire authorities should also be done in a regular interval to ensure that the whole facility is fire proof and ready in case such an incident happens.

The causes of fire in most senior care homes are usually those originating from ignition of combustible materials like materials in the kitchen and other flammable materials stored in it. Others are electrical malfunctions. Any type of senior or elder care home should have adequate fire sprinklers, however since most of the time the residents are sleeping or resting no one can also alert them during the initial stage of the fire.

This where the Verifire can give the most benefit because most senior care homes are packed and nursing and medical staff are doing rounds and are going here and there without giving proper attention to flammable materials like the gas or oven in the kitchen, even cooks don’t stay for a long time. Verifire solutions has a camera with a DSP chip that can mimic how a human eye behave in a way that there is no need for hiring additional people to constantly man the area. This can be configured in the software.

The Verifire can process each stream of image being captured by the IP camera for any color change, chrominance change or flickering like how fire or smoke starts. It will analyze and deduce anything that can confirm presence of fire. It provides the least false alarm rate ever seen in the video based fire solutions out in the market today. With this technology the children of the seniors living in the senior care facilities can go about their work and live with their family knowing their loved ones are dwelling in the best place equipped with the right systems that can save them during a fire emergency which is becoming common these days.

The Verifire can also be used not only as the best way to detect fire during the initial phase which can detect smoke in just 20 seconds or less but also become a recording camera that can see the medical staff’s work behavior which is crucial in preventing malpractice or ill treatment to the elders. It can be used as a way to deter employee neglect.

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