Early Stage Proactive Security

Structural fires causing property and life losses as well as dangerous effects to the environment have increased in the recent times despite having technologically advanced fire detectors and fire alarms. The slow detection time has become one of the primary reasons why fires grow big rapidly in little time and cause tremendous damage. Other disadvantages of conventional fire detectors are incapability for remote verification, costly installation, additional human resource for constant monitoring and regular maintenance.

PowerCCTV’s Verifire is the answer to the persistent need for an early stage fire and smoke detection. It is an intelligent IP video based flame solution. It contains a DSP chip built in the camera and the NVR is mainly for recording. It is composed of video-based algorithms that analyze a stream of images captured by the IP camera. It studies the images for brightness, pattern, and direction, frequency of flickers, shape and number of pixels before actuating or starting the alarm. It produces the most minimal false alarm rate in the market and offers the earliest detection of flame or smoke in just 15 seconds or less that is unbeatable by other brands. Verifire acts like human eyes providing the earliest alert and response the key personnel can make in the event of fire to stop fire from spreading or growing. It can cover facilities with high walls, wide area and high ceilings.

Verifire doesn’t depend on the physical migration of smoke to reach the sensors unlike most conventional fire alarm systems. It has a vast line of sight which allows for all areas of a facility or an area to be monitored at all times. It can also be easily and quickly connected to any brand of fire control panel. It is a reliable flame and smoke detection turnkey solution

Benefits of Verifire:

  1. Quickest & Proven Earliest Detection – Within 15 seconds or less, the system can detect smoke and flame present in the area pointing where it originated.
  2. Efficient on time – Verifire allows remote site verification. The staff can be dispatched to the location once fire and smoke have been confirmed saving time and effort
  3. Remote management – The NVR can be used to indicate the fire and send the messages with pictures to the key people and it can be used to turn off the alarm.
  4. ONVIF IP camera expandable – Verifire can add other IP cameras that area ONVIF certified without issues.
  5. Superior false alarm immunity – produces the lowest rate of false alarms in the market

Verifire Useful Applications:

  • Historic Relics or Museums
  • Chemical storing plants
  • Oil processing plants
  • Power plants
  • Tunnels
  • Boiler rooms
  • Airport hangars
  • Maintenance Docks of Airplanes


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