PowerCCTV’s VFDS or video Fire Detection System is a fire detection solution that is built with VID technology or video image detection that can detect flame and smoke all day long from morning until night time.

VFDS is composed of video based algorithms that are used to analyze images which integrate the analog cameras and the servers for a perfect all in one flame and smoke detection solution. VFDS has the capability to cover wide areas where immediate confirmation of smoke and flame presence is required.

The VFDS system does away with the insufficient capabilities of most conventional flame detection solutions like slow time for detection, inability to perform remote confirmation, maintenance regularly done and expensive installation. VFDS is very simple, convenient and easy to configure and install.

Key Benefits:

  1. Fast detection time and capability to protect a wide area- VFDS can detect flame and smoke in the earliest stage in a large open area. It offers protection for big facilities with high ceilings like warehouses, airport hangars, factories and many others. These kinds of facilities usually suffer from poor detection time when traditional smoke and fire detectors are used.
  2. Wide detection view – VFDS has no limitation in the range it can detect fire and smoke as long as it is in the field of view of the camera.
  3. Instant visual confirmation – VFDS offers real time confirmation with visual evidence for determining whether the alarm is accurate. Key personnel can also detect the alert level as the entire video and still images are recorded for later review to aid with investigations.

VFDS Video.


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