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Warehouses are considered to be high risk settings in cases of fire. Fires in warehouses usually happen due to human negligence or due to some items being kept combusting such as combustible goods stored and no one monitoring them. In some cases the warehouse fires had something to do with the lighting or electrical equipment used malfunctioning which contributed to fire igniting. Warehouses are typically large open spaces or a wide open area that is not divided into sections that’s why when a fire starts spreading becomes uncontrollable.

Most owners of warehouses that have been ravaged by fire feel the great financial burden of losing many of their products and assets that will never be sold and used. Added to this is the potential liability to civilian deaths if any or injuries sustained by personnel, workers or guards manning and inside the premises. It is therefore paramount to install a working solution such as a fire detection system that can detect fires at the initial phase to be able to contain it immediately and stop it from spreading throughout the place.
PowerCCTV offers Verifire – the earliest flame and smoke detection solution which can detect fire in just 15 seconds or less. Verifire is the second generation IP camera with digital signal processing built-in chip on the camera. It eliminates the transfer of the data to the server for algorithm processing. IVS or Intelligent video surveillance that uses algorithms is used in Verifire to detect variations in the scenes and capture moving objects. It captures a stream of videos and like human eyes watches out for moving objects and analyzes its pattern, movement, color, shape, number of times it flickers, pixels and chrominance before alarm actuation. It is reliable and can be installed in both indoor and outdoor environments.
Verifire is an improved flame and smoke detection solution that minimizes the false alarm rate. It is produces the lowest false alarm rate in the market today. Integration with any third party software is simple and easy because of Verifire’s DI/DO or ONVIF meta data protocol, and connecting to any fire control panel is very simple. You can depend on Verifire to work and eliminate the drawbacks of conventional fire detectors such as slow detection time, requiring smoke migration to reach the sensors and expensive installation and monitoring. Verifire is a total all in one early fire detection solution.

Key Benefits:

• Earliest Detection Time
• Instant confirmation or verification of smoke or fire presence
• Lowest false alarm rate
• Management may be accomplished remotely
• Expandability via ONVIF certified cameras